We’ll be at the Worcestershire Apprenticeship Show on Thursday 17th October to meet parents (with useful information leaflets). There are quite a few myths about apprenticeships, so we asked Kim from Worcestershire Apprenticeships to write a guest blog post for us! If there’s a teenager in your family thinking about their future career, read on –

Apprenticeships are only for manual labour jobs’ This is one of the most common myths in apprenticeships. You can of course do a manual role with an apprenticeship, but there are loads of other apprenticeships – in fact, over 1500 different job roles in things like IT, Hospitality, Food Manufacturing, Digital Marketing, Retail, Business admin, Agriculture, Health, Education to name just a few.

You’ll be throwing your education away’?? Don’t be daft, as an apprentice, you will gain real industry specific experience and training. In fact, studies show employers think apprentices are 15% more employable than those who have completed other qualifications and over 90% of apprentices stay in employment afterwards.

It will just be making cups of tea, not ‘proper’ work!’ Another myth; to complete an Apprenticeship, you will need to cover a wide range of tasks. An employer will have to give you practical, interesting and relevant work to make you as competent as possible within your job role. You simply cannot pass the programme by just making cups of tea and it is not in the interest of the employer.

You’ll be lucky to even get minimum wage.’  A very real myth nowadays, the national average apprenticeship wage per week is £178 and can vary between employer and industry.

So why should you think about an Apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is one of the only ​frameworks in the UK that allows you to earn a wage whilst becoming qualified in a job role without gaining any student debt at all. You can gain a wealth of experience, become more employable, gain a nationally recognised qualification AND earn a wage.

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Kim & Kerry at Worcestershire Apprenticeships

0300 666 3 666 or visit us at the Apprenticeship Show at Worcester Warriors’ Sixways Stadium on the 17th October from 3.30pm – 8.00pm.