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At the start of a new year many people make resolutions – we hope some of you may have resolved to become more involved with Parents’ Voice (in any way you are able to and as much as you want to).

One thing we do is encourage parents (and other family members) to have their say whenever possible – especially about matters which affect families and services which they may use or come into contact with.  A really good way to do this is to take part in surveys and consultations, both local and national. This can sound official (and a bit scary), but often you only answer the questions you want to.

So, without further ado, here are the details of three current Worcestershire County Council consultations which you might want to look at: – shaping the prevention and early intervention service for 0 – 19 year olds (including health visitors, school health services and parenting support). This closes on Friday January 25th. libraries (this closes on February 2nd). – the Edge of Care Service, intended to support families at times of crisis and potential family breakdown.

Would you like to find out more about what we do or help us plan activities? If you’re a Worcestershire parent or family carer we’d love to meet you! Our next evening meeting is on February 4th in Worcester – just contact us for details and then come along (it’s free and we need your views and ideas)!

If you’d like to receive our free email updates just tell us here: (we only need your email address). If you decide you don’t want them at any time, that’s fine you simply tell us!

Don’t forget to Have Your Say (and please tell other Worcestershire parents about these consultations).