You’ve probably seen the “We need you” slogan numerous times for all sorts of different activities/groups/reasons, but …


Worcestershire parents, we need YOU!  


For more than 12 months we have been asking for more help.   Our committee is tiny (just four people); three of us have been committee members for many years now and feel it is time for us to step down and to follow new adventures.

Circumstances have changed for all of us.  We know that everyone is really busy, and that includes us!   Over the last few years we’ve accidentally fallen into a rut with one person doing all the basic things which keep the group going (social media posts, finding information, writing and sending emails). Others have helped out whenever possible, but we need a more sustainable situation where the load is regularly shared in a much better way.


As they say, many hands make light work and that’s what is needed – several people who can each do just a little in their spare time.


So, we’ve been looking for some new blood to take Parents’ Voice beyond 2024. A couple of people have come forward, but this may not be enough.  That’s why we need YOU!   If you’ve found some of our information useful, could you help other families by keeping Parents’ Voice going?  


Volunteering with us can be done from the comfort of your own home.  Everything we do at the moment is via the internet – and if you’re reading this, you have internet access. Are you particularly interested in a certain topic – for example, child safety, mental health, online safety, teenagers, young children, consultations? If you could find just a couple of items for that topic each month, it would help (and we can tell you some good places to look!).


But how does that relate to the committee members stepping down? Well, we need people to join the committee! We discuss various matters by email so that decisions are decided by a number of us (eg: do we run the Make Your Christmas campaign?  Is this poster for the Open General Meeting suitable?).  We also have committee meetings – they’ve been online since the pandemic and are no longer than an hour.  (We think an occasional in-person meeting is a good idea so that people can get to know each other – but that’s for the future committee to discuss and decide!)


And yes, I said three committee members want to step down – but we won’t abandon any new members!  We have agreed that if there are enough new committee members to make it work, we will stay on for a few months to help them settle into place (if that’s OK with them!).  


Not sure what you can do? Why not take a look at the Lowdown we posted some weeks ago to get an idea of what we currently?  (But bear in mind that it’s not all set in stone – new blood may have ideas about how to do things differently or have suggestions for new activities, your input would be invaluable!)


We know you value the things we share from the feedback we receive, so please,  the time to act is NOW if you do not want your group to close!   If you think you can help in any way, please email me (Sue) –


Our Open General Meeting is on Friday 24th May – online at 10am (find details with a link on the News and Events page.  We need you to be there.


Finally, thank you for reading this and for all your support over the years.  I joined Parents’ Voice in 2006 and, to be honest, I was pretty baffled initially – what was it all about, what did this Parents’ Voice Steering Group do, should I really be there? I almost didn’t go back after the first meeting I attended, but I stayed with the group – though I admit I was a little half-hearted about it to begin with.  As the group changed and developed I felt more involved – so much so, that when it looked like Parents’ Voice (no longer a Steering Group) might fold (around 2013), I realised that parents found it a helpful group and decided I would do my best to help keep it going. 

The last 14 years particularly have provided so much fun, friendship and joy; although the committee has changed (as have our lives!) and decreased in number, we have always been a team. I think we’ve all discovered things about ourselves and our talents, as well as developing some new skills along the way.  

I really hope some of you may take up the baton to help form a new Parents’ Voice team.  


Thank you, Sue.