Informing and empowering parents

Connecting Worcestershire parents with people who can make a difference to families’ lives

The voice of every parent matters

and we work to make sure every voice is heard.

Parents often need information

Parents’ Voice shares information to help parents to be parents, whatever the age of their children

Parents’ Voice


Welcome to the Parents’ Voice website.



We are an independent group of Worcestershire parents

with children of all ages, from birth to 18 and older.


  • Do you sometimes feel alone or that you’re struggling as a parent?

    Have you ever felt that there’s a better way to do something?  You are not the only one!


  • We know parenting isn’t easy and that parents never stop being parents.

    For many issues and situations there is not just one answer. 

    We share all sorts of information to help parents make informed decisions and be the best parents they can be, whatever age their child is.



How We Can Influence Positive Change


Informed parents are empowered parents.


  • We encourage parents to have their say by taking part in consultations and surveys, both national and within our local area.  The voice of every parent matters.
  • We aim to keep parents informed and up to date about services, groups and events, and to be their voice in Worcestershire by passing on their feedback where appropriate.


As parents in Worcestershire, we want our county to be a great place for our children and young people to grow up in.  We also want you to help us with your views and ideas; we will use your thoughts to influence decisions which are made locally wherever possible.


Have a look around our website to find out more about us and join Parents’ Voice today (it’s totally free) – together, we can make the voice of EVERY parent matter.

What we do…


Information – we share links to useful information to help parents, whatever age their children are.  We send out regular updates via email – just contact us to receive our free email updates too.

Social Media – we use X/Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to reach parents, sharing links to information which we think will be useful.

Information Sessions – we have held occasional free information sessions on a variety of topics. We also share details of other organisations’  free webinars or events which are relevant to parents in Worcestershire.

Consultations – we encourage parents to have their say by sharing details of relevant local and national consultations, surveys and focus groups.

We want to inform, to challenge when appropriate, and to be an impartial voice for parents in Worcestershire. 

By acting together, we will be able to influence change for the future of every child and young person in Worcestershire – and sometimes elsewhere in the UK.


Who are supporters of Parents' Voice?

We are all Worcestershire parents or family carers – some supporters have very young children, others are the parents of teenagers (or older). Some people join on behalf of a parents’ group (eg: a school forum or a parent and toddler group).

Will it make a difference?

Yes! OK, we’re not promising that as soon as you tell us about something it will change overnight, but gradually we are making a difference and influencing changes.

We believe that informed parents are empowered parents – we help you access information, advice and support to use in your daily family lives. You can’t use a service or resource if you don’t know about it; you can’t try a parenting strategy or ways to help an anxious child (for example) if you don’t know about them. By sharing reliable sources of information we give parents the chance to try different ways of doing things. 

We encourage parents and family carers to have their say too,  by taking part in consultations and surveys (whether national or local) or focus groups.  We can all share what has worked (or not worked) for us and say how we think things could be improved in the future (if necessary).  Sometimes we ask our supporters for their views and experiences around a particular issue so we can provide feedback directly to an organisation or to present parents’ views at a meeting.  

So yes, it will make a difference!

How often do you meet?

The committee meets in person occasionally (keeping in regular contact by email between meetings) and supporters are welcome to attend.   We also hold occasional Coffee and Chat meetings.  Details of any meetings, focus groups, consultations, workshops and other events that can be attended are on the News and Events page.

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