It’s Time to Talk!


1st February 2024 is Time To Talk day; this is a day for encouraging everyone to start conversations about mental health and to end the stigma surrounding mental health.

Everyone has mental health – but some people struggle with it more than others, whether they’re adults or children.




It’s important to talk about how we’re feeling – but that can be hard.  People often say “I’m fine” and move on to talk about something else rather than tell anyone how they  are really feeling.



We often share links to useful information about mental health and so this seems a good opportunity to share some more.



The following information is all about talking about mental health:


  – How to talk to your child about mental health (Young Minds)


  – Talking about our mental health isn’t always easy


  – Talking about mental health (Mental Health Foundation)


  – Tips for talking with friends and family about mental health (Mind)


  – How parents can talk to children about mental health (Mental Health Today)


Tips for talking to your friends about your mental health (Young Minds)


  – Answering mental health questions from young people


  – Talking to a young person about their mental health (Mind)


  – Talking mental health (short film – Anna Freud National Centre for Families)


  – A knock at the door (Time to Talk Day 2019 animation).



The above information was included in an email to parents which went out on 30th January.



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