About Parents' Voice

We want to inform and empower parents and connect Worcestershire parents with people who can make a difference to families’ lives.

Who are we?

We are parents just like you!

Parents’ Voice is a group of Worcestershire parents who want to keep parents and family carers informed, up to date and to be their voice.

We want to share information to help parents be parents, whatever the age of their children. 

We all care for our children and want to make a difference to help make Worcestershire a great place to live and grow up. 

As parents and carers we raise awareness with people who make decisions in the county about the need to talk to parents and listen to them when making changes.  We want to encourage more parents to have a say and make a difference, wherever they live.

Our Aims

Our aims underpin everything that is important to us:

To inform and empower all parents and give them confidence to speak out

To represent as many different parents and their viewpoints as possible

To encourage open and honest engagement between parents and decision makers

Our main aim is to reach as many parents in Worcestershire as possible; this is a continual process and we use social media, attendance at events and word of mouth to help us achieve it.

Our Core Group/Committee


Our committee/core group has 4 members: Marcus, Michele, Tracy and Sue. We are volunteers and keep in touch by email to discuss everyday matters about Parents’ Voice. When we occasionally meet in person anyone is welcome to join us.  We use these meetings to decide on the direction of the group, plan future events and to share our annual reports.

We also discuss  any changes and developments to services for children, young people and their families and look at ways we can get the views of Worcestershire parents about them. Where there has been a lot of interest in some of our social media posts we will see if we can provide information sessions about the topics.

We gather parents’ views in several different ways, including:


  • Consultations and surveys

  • Hosting focus groups and coffee and chat sessions

  • Questionnaires

  • Through social media including the use of polls and comments

  • Attending events and talking to parents

Our Supporters



Every parent (and other family carers) in Worcestershire can become a Parents’ Voice supporter (free).

Supporters receive information and updates by email, which is ideal for parents who do not want to commit to formal meetings. All we need is an email address to send you our updates and you can unsubscribe at any time. 

Parent groups can also join, such as: Parent Councils in schools, Parent support groups or Parent and Toddler groups. 

We sometimes have flyers and posters to promote Parents’ Voice events in Worcestershire; please contact us if you would like some for a parents’ group or to distribute at a venue.

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