Happy Birthday to us!

It’s 10 years since we registered the domain name www.parentsvoice.co.uk  for our website on February 16th 2009 – wow! So, it’s our 10th digital birthday (we’ve been around for longer, but that’s another story). The website went live soon after and it had several updates over the first 9 years. In 2018 it had a really big change when we moved over to WordPress – and here it is now! Of course, we wouldn’t still be here without you, our supporters – so thank you!

We’ve changed and adapted over the years, but for some time we’ve been sharing links to information which we think parents will find useful (whether they’re in Worcestershire or elsewhere in the country).  This is half-term week for most Worcestershire schools and colleges so with that in mind here are a couple of links to information which might be helpful:

http://bit.ly/nspchm3 – staying home alone 


http://bit.ly/IMgrandguid6 Internet Matters’ guide to online safety for grandparents.

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Thanks for reading.